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Aussie Naturals Choy Bottle Bird Pheasant S


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The Bottle Bird Choy, Pheasant, Small is a chew and a toy all in one and will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours of pure joy. Most dogs have energy to burn and you can keep them active and entertained with this classic throw toy with a chew bone integrated along the neck. Inside the toy is a recycled water bottle that produces a crinkle sound when your dog grabs it and the natural water buffalo bone will satisfy your dog’s desire to chew! Made of natural and sustainable materials including durable wooley cotton rope, natural leather and crunchy coconut fiber filling. Made with natural and sustainable materials. Eco-Friendly. Durable leather & wooley cotton rope. Crunchy coconut fiber filling. Recycled water bottle included. Provides crinkle texture that dogs love. Rescue tested & proven. Small 16″

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