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CharDOGnay Dog Wine


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The Ultimate supplement for your dog.  CharDOGnay Dog wine is a faux vintage designed to bedazzle your dog with irresistible taste. Simply pour chilled into a cup of your choice and serve to stimulate a classy wine vintage for your dog.

What’s inside CharDOGnay ?

CharDOGnay is small batch brewed with filtered water and 100% Alaskan fish oil that is ethically sourced and infused with glucosamine to produce an aromatic supplement that is bottled with love in the USA.

What are the Ingredients?

A proprietary blend of filtered water, Alaskan fish oil, beet yellow color, glucosamine HCL and potassium sorbate (a non toxic preservative) 8 OZ bottles

Proudly bottled in the USA with only fresh ingredients.

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